The quality of your thinking tells me where you have came from

If you knew better, you would do better. Often people tell me that they aren’t lucky, that good stuff never happens to them, that they don’t get the same opportunities. And most importantly, “that is just the way I am”

But every so often I meet someone who listens to what I say, who implements, who creates the right plan, who takes the right action, and get amazing results . I mean really amazing results. One of my current Interns is like this. He has totally transformed his life in 6 months.

I asked him recently what was the greatest thing that changed for him. He started with a single word response :

“Environment. I stopped hanging out with loser friends”, he said. “I stopped wasting money on dumb stuff. I stopped listening to people who complain all the time and decided to spend time listening to and learning from successful people”. Environment, he said.

Look. Here is a fact. We all have stuff that has happened in our past. Bad stuff and good stuff. In fact it’s very likely that your are a glass-half-empty type of person. That you expect things to go wrong. That you expect to fail. That you expect that you not good enough.

But that is a not who you are. That is only where you come from. It determines the quality of your thinking. But you, like many of my students have the ability to change your environment and to change your life. It starts with a decision.

Believe in yourself.

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