Live Life and Leave a Legacy

I’m still dumbfounded to see so many people still believing that swapping time for money is the way to create a better lifestyle. No matter what you do, if you work for somebody else, your boss always has to make a profit on the work you deliver.

I believe the secret is to create assets. Start to create value for others through the lessons you’ve learned in your own life. Help people improve the quality of their life through the trials and tribulations mistakes that you have made. Then, Document and systemise your thoughts, discoveries insights and lessons and share them with people one-on-one and en-mass.

When you start to build a legacy to leave something that is bigger than you behind, you have to start building assets to help you create that Legacy. This is how we’ve created all of our programs over the last six years, like our coaching for success program, our Entrepreneurship Framework, our Life by Design programs. Our software solutions, for managing events, CMS systems for managing customers, our social media tool kits like the entrepreneurship toolbox. Our Pillars of Transformation Trainings, our books, ebook, videos, podcasts, online training courses.

All of these are assets that we have created from my life experiences but now I share with you, to help you get there faster, and with less pain. You can do the same, but first you need to start investing in building your assets, and start to put your focus on creating a Legacy.

Live Life and Leave a Legacy.

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