There are two ways the mind can go

When you are on a mission to do something there are two ways the mind can go.

If you ⭐️HOW⭐️ to do it the mind can go one way. 

If you know ⭐️WHAT⭐️ to do the mind can go a different way. 

Say you know WHAT to do but you don’t know ⭐️HOW⭐️ to do it. If this is you then the mind will bring up FEAR of the unknown. The way to quash that is to work with people who have. Get a mentor. Hire a coach. Put an Action Plan or blueprint in place. Work with someone who has already done this before until you are ready. Then execute on the thesis. Exactly. One step at a time. Take feedback. Adjust. Realign. Focus. You will get there. Set yourself up for small wins initially. This gives your unconscious mind the dopamine feedback and the taste of success. 

If you don’t know ⭐️WHAT⭐️ to do your mind will bring you to a point of ANXIETY. You have no focus and your mind will draw you towards safety. Set a GOAL. A clear outcome of what you will see when you achieve your goal. Make sure it is well formed and has a sense of CERTAINTY about it. Then focus on the OUTCOME. The ANXIETY will disappear. 

The final part of recognising WHY you do what you do. If your ⭐️WHY⭐️ isn’t big enough, isn’t compelling enough you won’t be motivated to get started. ⭐️WHAT

⭐️ HOW ⭐️ WHY… then go do.