Goal Setting is an Art and Science

It makes me sad when I see people setting New Year’s resolutions around changing behaviours because it’s destined to fail. What most people do is they set a black and white New Years resolution such as “I’m giving up Chocolate from the 1st of January”. That’s a change of behaviour. Not a goal. The problem is that once you eat chocolate once, you have failed and you give up on your New Year’s resolution. A much better approach is to focus on a more long term outcome that isn’t so black and white, but rather allows you to make progress towards it every day. Last year, one of the goals I set was to reach 1,000,000 people through social media by the 5th January 2019. So I can’t fail any one day but I can make progress. Last time I checked our stats in November we had reached 521,437 people since last Jan. Not too shabby, but you see, even if I don’t reach my goal I can still make progress every day. And I still have time to reach this goal.

What I found is that there are 7 reasons why people don’t achieve their goals. I call them the 7 Secrets to Success. I have explained each of them in my free book – A Present to your Future ? . There is also a section in the book where you can complete a workbook and complete your Goal Setting Journal ? that guarantees that you set your outcomes correctly. Here is my gift ? to you. Downloaded my book totally FREE today and give you THE BEST GIFT IN THE WORLD. Give Yourself A Present to Your Future ? (see @transformingacm profile for details).

Focus on your outcomes not your behaviours.

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