The Behuman Podcast: Episode 004 – Change Is

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Is the process of recognising…
where you are right now and
recognising where you want to be instead.
You see I didn’t always realise this.

There was a time in the past where, I was frustrated.
I just did not know what I needed to do.
My self awareness was at a place where
I couldn’t even see where I was at.
It was frustrating because I couldn’t move forward.
The process I was going through in my life
Was just without direction…

I didn’t know who I,
I didn’t know what I was supposed to do,
I didn’t know what I wanted to be
I just knew that I was working so hard,
and I was working, and working and working
And I had nothing to show for it.

The frustration I felt,
and the disappointment I felt,
and just that feeling of “let down” every time.
“Why is this not working for me?
There has to be a better way”
I could not understand it
I just could not understand what I needed to do
to recognise what I needed to change inside.

And then I had an opportunity
to speak to someone
who I thought was an expert.

And I spoke to that person
And I said “How do I do this?
I’m lost, I don’t have direction
I don’t know how to move forward”

And in the process of talking to this person
I realised…

You need a Plan.

You actually need a plan before you know what you need to do.
because if you don’t have a plan,
you don’t know where you are going

I said “Wow… How could I miss this?”
I mean, I had set goals before,
New Year’s Resolutions,
And I had come to the place where I would set a goal
And four days later, I gave up on it and said
“Well that’s not going to happen, is it?”

And I realised that a Plan is something
That has to be real for me.
It’s something that when I go out to the future
and stand there and see myself having achieved that
it becomes motivating for me.

It’s actually the point where I realised
That I could be whatever I wanted to be
I just need to change some patterns first.

And in that process of recognising that change
I realised that I have the motivation to do anything I wanted to do.
That I could really move and change my life.
By looking at how I could be someone else
How I could do something else
How I could have something else that I wasn’t already having.
And realising that I could do that had me realise
that I could change anything
But I had to start with a Plan.

And then I had to look at what stops me getting there.
What are the obstacles that hold me back?

What’s was the Fear?
What do I need to do to get over that Fear?

How do I actually get rid of that?
What techniques do I actually need to learn about?

How do I actually get rid of all that stuff that stops me?
Being who I want to be
Having what I want to have
And Doing what I want to do and…

.. in that moment, a whole new pathway opened up in front of me.

It was about following steps, just one step at a time.

What do I do first?
What’s the first obstacle?
How do I get over that obstacle?
What’s the next obstacle?
How do I get over that obstacle?

But all the time, all the time,
setting my vision on that goal…

Of being the person that I wanted to be
Out there in the future
And recognising in that position in the future,
Five years from now
Looking back on now
What would I needed to have done
To have made the changes that first day
So that I could move forward.

Knowing that that’s where I wanted to be
To realise my potential
To create my destiny
To do the things I needed to do
To serve other people
And to really help lift them up
So that they could have a better life as well
And could have a better future
And we could make changes to the world
That could really impact people
And make the world a better place.

And that realisation became a cornerstone
Of how I wake up every single morning now
And I say “Wow, It’s another day”,
It’s another opportunity
to raise my standards
It’s another opportunity to become more
of who I want to be
It’s an opportunity to feel good, to feel grateful
To see the opportunity that stands in front of me
Because without that opportunity
I’m back where I used to be.
I don’t want to be back there
That’s not a good place to be
I want to focus on the future
I want to focus on what I need to do
To inspire myself to inspire others
To be a leader
To show people what leadership is really about
So that I can actually use that motivation
To actually make a real difference in people lives

And I started doing this, and I started to recognise this
And at first, I didn’t know what to do,
because no know knew about me
And I would speak to people,
and I would run events
and I would talk to people,
and slowly step by step
I started getting calls.
People would say
“I’ve heard about you.
You’re the guy that does change work”

And so here I am
This is my job now.
It’s all about change
It’s about transforming people
It’s about recognising
That when people see the possibilities that are availble to them
your whole world way opens up
and in that moment, in that moment,
something can change inside
and people say “you know what,
I want to be part of that journey.
I want to be part of that journey
to create a better world”.

By Micheal Colhoun