Who is Responsible for your Breathing?

“Take full ownership of everything then everything becomes easy. Because then you are in control. “

I was listening to @garyvee chatting to @tombilyeu tonight on @impacttheory. I heard this and it struck a chord with me.

These few words capture so much of what I believe but in such an eloquent way.

For years I’ve been talking about what I call the Pillars of Transformation and it contains 4 fundamental Laws. .

The Law of Consequences. You are responsible for your experiences and therefore your results. If you cannot take on that responsible then you will always have someone to blame. And it’s not a shade of grey thing. It’s back and white. You are either responsible for everything that happens or for nothing. 

Law of Equivalences. Your Opinion matters. Your opinion of others is a reflection of your opinion of yourself. Again you don’t get to choose. Karl June said that if you have negative feelings about someone or something else, the more negative the feeling the more likely it’s a projection. It’s all you. .

Law of Coherence. If you choose to commit fully and without doubt and resonate this decision with every cell of your body you will live in a state of flow and passion. Anything less than that and you will live in conflict and self doubt. .

The Law of Value. Your purpose is not to extract value from other people or things. It is to look for it and create value. You are responsible for your results and so you are also responsible for creating value. .

Thank you again @garyvee for making this so accessible to people. You are legendary ???????

You can find the original video on YouTube. Search for “Gary Vaynerchuk on why Perspective will make or break you”

Excellent interview @tombilyeu

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