Confidence is a Double Edged Sword

Confidence seems to be the One Great thing that stops people from living their dream. But confidence is a double edged sword. I spoke with a client who had Confidence as her number one value. It was the biggest thing that drove her and motivated her in life. Why? Because she didn’t have any. Her self esteem was at an all time low. She couldn’t make decisions so left it to others to make decisions for her. It was becoming a self reinforced circle. The more she craves confidence the more she pushed decisions on other people which again lowered her sense of self esteem. She looked to work with me because she said that I had that one quality she desired the most. In her opinion I was an Extremely Confident Person. “Confidence drips off you”, she said, jokingly

Fact is that Confidence is NOT one of my values. Confidence is not important to me. It’s not something I think about. I guess I know I’m a confident person from the feedback I get from people but it’s not something I focus on.

This is the reason that Confidence is a double edged sword: When you are in a state of flow you naturally have confidence. Stop now and think about it. If in your normal waking state, your normal day, you seek confidence then something else is preventing you from experiencing it all the time. At some point in your past you were in a bad place. A low place and you made a decision. A bad decision. And you have been living that decision since. It’s not your fault. We make unconscious decisions all the time. But you can bet this, If you want to get your confidence back you need to relive your experience of life before that decision. What does that look like? Taking action. Move. Have motion. Get some Momentum. Get back into a state of flow. Move. #justDoIt. It’s incredible what’s possible one you begin again.

If you can’t, get help. It’s incredible the lengths that people will go to in order to prove that they have no Confidence. Change that today.

Pass this forward and tag someone who could help you gain confidence. Recruit your Confidence Ninjas. Move forward. It works.