The Behuman Podcast: Episode 001 – The Journey of Money and Abundance

Welcome to the First Edition of The Be Human Podcast. In this first episode, we look at the personal journey of Money. Knowing Where you are in this journey helps you to identify the Roles, Challenges and Obstacles that you have to overcome in order to have more success at that level. There are no right or wrong levels, but each level has a greater degree of complexity in terms of Highly Valued Criteria for Success and this impacts the Motivation and Challenges.
This Journey of Money is critical to understanding how you attract abundance and Money into your life and we build on this model later on in the episode.

Show Notes

The 6 Levels on the Journey of Money are:

1st Level – The Level of the Pragmatist

– Problem: Creates a World of Scarcity, Lack
– Obstacle to Overcome: Conquer Feelings of Scarcity and Overcome it
– Challenge: Create More Value for Self and Others

2nd Level – The Worker

– Problem: Not Enough time
– Obstacle to Overcome: Glass Ceiling on Earnings. Time.
– Challenge: How to Scale Yourself

3rd Level – The Manager

– Problem : Everything is the Same. Boredom
– Obstacle to Overcome: Overcome Fear of Change
– Challenge: To Trust, Re-skill and Embrace Change

4th Level – The Entrepreneur

– Problem : Patience, Consistency
– Obstacles to Overcome: Being an Independence Player.
– Challenge: To Let go of Control, To Delegate, To Support The Team

5th Level – The Owner

– Problem: Being Involved
– Obstacle: Living in a Distorted Reality Field
– Challenge : Awareness. Not living in a Bubble. Reality Check

6th Level – The Venture Capitalist

– Problem : Making the Right Decision
– Obstacles : Paradoia
– Challenge : Have Good Judgement. Trust
The transcript from the podcast is available here