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If you enrol before 1st April, you get FREE access  for 1 month and complimentary coaching call to help clarify you goals and outcomes for this course.

Who this is for..

The NLP Foundations program is for you if you are looking to get a solid foundation in NLP, without the investment of becoming a Certified Practitioner of NLP.  This program, the NLP Foundations program, is perfect if you are new to NLP or want to refresh and want to dip your toes in the water.  I assume no prior knowledge of NLP, but instead focus on the practical application of NLP to help you get results.

What makes The NLP Foundations program Unique

This program is unique because we want to focus on one real outcome that you could achieve in the next 12 months by attending this program.

✅For some it is to improve public speaking and confidence on stage.

✅For others it is to identify patterns that cause sabotage in relationships so you can fix them.

✅For some people, it might be to learn to be a move active listener so you can influence the conversation more.

✅For many it is about developing a mindset of prosperity.

✅Perhaps for you, it is to get more clarity on your vision and purpose so you can make a difference in the world.

✅Or to build confidence in the relationship you have with yourself, to avoid panic states, access flow states to become more intuitive.

✅Maybe you are looking to have better health, wealth and happiness.

✅Or even develop a strong mindset so you can perform better and get paid more and advance your career.

On this program you get a solid foundation on NLP through Live tuition and direct feedback on your personal situation from your NLP Master Coach Trainer. Every Week you get new content on a fundamental pillar of NLP that makes NLP work for everyone AND get live feedback on your personal situation so you can incorporate what you learn immediately.  This is what I call Active Learning.  When you enrol, we begin with a strategy call to work out your personalized plan, then based on this, we customise the program to suits your needs and wants. It’s practical NLP, not just a bunch of theory and ideas.

Why Enrol?

Get a Solid Foundation on NLP through Live tuition and direct feedback on your personal situation from your NLP Master Coach Trainer. Every Week you get new content on a fundamental pillar of NLP that makes NLP work for everyone AND get live feedback on your personal situation so you can incorporate what you learn immediately.


Micheal Colhoun, B.Sc.,NLP Master Coach Trainer

What you will Learn

Weekly Live Classes

Every week you get new content from your NLP Master Coach Trainer on fundamental Pillars that makes NLP work, and you get live feedback on your personal situation to help you grow and realize more of your potential

The Pillars of Transformation

Learn Principles of NLP to change your life & create your destiny,. Based on the book of the same title, you will learn the 4 laws that govern long lasting transformation

Vision Setting with Clarity

See your future self, today - Learn the process of manifestation and realised outcomes in your life and career, by getting a clear process to set outcomes that leverage the power of manifestation to attract the life that you want.

Language for Leverage

Learn how to Leverage Language to discover the truth behind the utterances that people make, and learn how to change beliefs and influence people through your words

Leverage Your Limbic System

Learn how to realise more of you potential and discover how you mind encodes messages and symbols so you can communicate better and learn to easily change your mind.

The Art of Charisma & Communication

Learn the Secrets to masterful communication and how to have more charisma in your language.

What People Say!

To see Micheal in action is to see one of Europe’s finest trainers. He is an amazing teacher because he makes the material so easy to understand and utilise which makes his trainings so much fun! Above all he is a special person with a mission to transform the world!
Judy Bentley
Nourish & Flourish
I can totally recommend NLP Training with Micheal Colhoun. He is a very personable and effective trainer who is really passionate about ensuring that everyone learns and reaps the benefits of NLP. I know that this course will transform me and my business.
Ian Walton
This is the simply the best training I have been involved in. Is has taken my understanding of transformation to higher levels and given me tools to help create deep change in people. My business will be taken to another level by attending this training.
Vinty Firth
6 Degrees coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the duration of the NLP Foundations level?

A: The NLP Foundations program is not a course, but a personalised live experience. I believe this is what’s missing on most online NLP courses. NLP does not translate well to a home study without feedback and live interaction. You need feedback and direction tuition on your personal situation. The NLP Foundations program is a 1 month rolling membership. There is no contract or commitments, you can cancel any time. I expect that some people will get a lot of value immediately and want to stay members of the community. My vision is to build a community of people who get massive results with NLP. As simple as that sounds, many people learn the theory of NLP, but don’t know or don’t have the opportunity to put the knowledge and know-how into practice – mainly because they don’t get individualised feedback. I want to fix this with the NLP Foundations program.

Q: How many months do I pay £47 per month?

A: For as long as you get value from the program. If you decide to take the next step and become a Certified NLP Practitioner, you automatically get an additional 12-month free membership, because, again, I believe that what people needs before and after learning NLP is support and personalised feedback on your personal situation. However, becoming an NLP Practitioner is not necessary for many people who just want to improve their live and get better results.
(Of course, I would love you to eventually become a Certified NLP Practitioner – I do run a business)

Q: Is there a discount code?
A: No, the offer price is on the enrol page. Click here to scroll to the bottom: Enrol here:

The launch price of £47/per month will expire on 1st April (normal price will return to £97/per month)

Q: What days of the week/times are the sessions?
A: This will depend on what work best for most. Currently we have 2 target slots: Tuesday at 7pm or Thursday at 7pm – Currently we run our Master Classes every Thursday at 7pm and we can run a poll to see what time suits. Because this is a personalised experience, we want to accommodate as many people as possible at the best time possible to maximize personal interaction and live feedback.
You also get access to our Community App, and you can watch replays and post questions in the community group, where I will always prioritise your questions over social media posts and DMS, so you will get personalised answers from me or one of my team, either text, or a voice recording.

Q: How long are the live sessions?
A: The Live sessions consist of 2 parts. Part 1 is the NLP foundations teaching piece, where I share with you one of the foundational pillars that makes NLP work for everyone. Part 2 is the live experience “Ask Me Anything” and Q&A, where we get to explore your situation in the context of that topic. the total time of the live session will be approx. 1 hour. For people who enrol early in this program, I will continue to answer questions in the live sessions until all your questions are answered. Any questions asked in a thread prior to live session will be answered as a priority, so even if you can’t attend live, you will still get answers to your questions.

Any other questions, please feel free to enquire

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